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Working on your mental preparation before a game or race

Part of being successful in any sport is not only your level of training, physical fitness and abilities, but also having a proper mindset. Being mentally prepared for a race or a game is part of the strategy for success for any type of sport.

Sometimes this can make a whole difference for the results of a game or race when all other physical and skill factors are evened out. Those who manage to make the most of the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the cheering crowd are more likely to perform better and end up winning.

The most important mental qualities for people involved in competitive sports are staying calm under pressure, good emotion control, confidence, a positive mindset and mental alertness.

By working on improving these qualities, you can boost your overall performance during a game, race or other competition. Staying focused on what you are doing and not being distracted is part of every successful sports strategy.

Pressure shouldn’t be avoided but rather used as a stimulus and accepted as part of the game.

Confidence and positive thinking are also essential mental qualities which will help you become a winner.

The top objective of anybody in sports should be to achieve an ideal mental state necessary for optimal performance.

Here are some of the skills to practice to ensure you are in that ideal mental state when the race or game comes:

  • Relax – pause and gather your thoughts in order to focus on the competition
  • Concentrate – try to remain concentrated no matter what
  • Emotional control – stay positive and focused at all times
  • Proper attitude – maintain control over your behavior
  • Awareness
  • Affirmations

Before a race or match try to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for anything that can happen. Rehearse on improving your mental state every day which will allow you to master the art of achieving the ideal mental state when the time comes for racing or playing.

Control your anxiousness, and use that same adrenaline for boosting your performance instead.

Anticipate enjoying the game rather than feeling anxious about your performance. Don’t allow worrying and unhelpful thought fill your mind before the special event.

You can calm yourself by enjoying a playlist of songs or music which help you relax prior to a game.

Maintain your composure and stay positive and just enjoy the race or game!


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