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Running and meditation are powerful depression killers

Running is a powerful mood buster. Many people rave about the runner’s high and all the good feelings that accompany a powerful run. Meditation is another powerful stress-reducer, it helps clean your mind from all the stress that surrounds you.

Now combining those two activities in one, can give you both the mental and the physical benefits in the same time. Pretty amazing, right?

According to study published by Translational Psychiatry, metal and physical training can mitigate depressive feeling and soon people start feeling their old selves once again.

The study asked the participants to take part in a 30-minute running class twice a week as well as 30-minute meditation, again, twice a week, for a full eight weeks. Everybody experienced positive improvement in mood and their depression were lessened. Then the study was conducted again, this time with healthy and non-depressed individuals. The amazing result was that this group felt much better too!

New neurons grew in the brains – something that was severely impaired in a patient is in depression. The growth of neurons in the hippocampus specifically controls mood and depression. The scientists were able to reverse the depressive thoughts with focused MAP training (physical and mental).

You can too follow suit and start:

  • Twice a week run for 30 minutes straight and meditate for 30 minutes with the same frequency
  • Start running following a proven plan and get new fancy workout clothes and footwear that fits well and feels good. Make sure to address any foot issues you might have (bunions, low arches, etc) – e.g. those New balance sneakers can greatly help runners who have high arched feet
  • If you can’t get running, start walking and then get from walking to running in just two months
  • Start meditating – use a good meditation playlist and find a secluded place you can use for your meditation
  • Eat foods that help release serotonin – a hormone which will lift up your mood and make you feel happy

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