Meditation of the Month

Rainbow Fountain of Energy

The Rainbow Fountain of Energy Exercise entails drawing in energy from the Earth, the Sun and the universal source above and moving it through the entire body. Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart, arms down at your sides. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Keep breathing deeply throughout the exercise using the breath and your intention to draw in and move the energy. Allow yourself to relax. Send your attention and awareness down into your solar plexus. Feel the warm internal sun of your soul glowing within you. Think of the Sun of our galaxy and picture it in your mind’s eye. With your intention draw in some of the warming, healing, power-filling energy of the Sun, and feel it amplifying your own internal sun. Feel the power of the Sun flowing throughout your body and energy field. Place your attention on the soles of your feet and the crown of your head. Feel the strong, grounding energy of the Earth slowly moving up your feet and legs to the location of your base chakra at the point where your legs meet your body. Simultaneously, feel the universal life force energy from above melting in through the top of your head and flowing down into your root chakra. Where these two energies meet, see the chakra ignite with a deep vibrant red energy. See that red ball of energy grow and expand, becoming a radiant source of glowing, ruby red light which begins to saturate all of the tissues in your body. See this light soaking into your abdomen, chest, head, and out your arms, bathing organs, muscle, blood and bone until your entire body becomes a great neon beacon of this light. After a few moments, allow that ruby energy to recede once again back to its home in your base chakra, where it continues to glow and spin brightly.

Now draw the Earth energy from below up to the second chakra in your sacral area. Simultaneously, draw down the universal life force energy from above your head until it reaches your sacral chakra. The two energies combine, spin and glow here with a bright orange light. As before, stir this energy and expand it throughout your body, saturating every cell with this orange, regenerative light. Once again, after a few moments, shrink the light back to its home in your second chakra where it continues to spin and glow a brilliant orange.

Use this same technique for the deep gold energy of your solar plexus chakra, for the emerald green of your heart chakra, for the azure blue of your throat chakra, for the deep purple of your third eye chakra, and for the pale violet of your crown chakra. Each time, draw the Earth energy up and the universal energy down to create the characteristic spectral light of each chakra. Take the time to permeate your entire being with each of the energies before moving on to the next.

When all seven chakras have been energized, continue to see them spinning and glowing in each of their homes. See also the swirling bright white of the universal life force above your head. Allow the bright light above and the varied chakra energies within you to run out and down the left side of your body. Circulate this rainbow of energy to your feet, and then back up the right side of your body. As it moves around and through you, see the rainbow saturating, bathing, and cleansing all of your cells. Now see this rainbow energy move from the top of your head, down the front of your body, and up your back again to the top of your head. Continue to circulate the energy left around right and front around back, washing and penetrating all of your tissues. Now draw this rainbow energy up from between your feet, through your center, and out the top of your head like a fountain. As the energy exits your head, see it as rainbow droplets that cascade out to the limits of your aura and down again to your feet. As these rainbow droplets mist through your auric field, see your aura cleansed and refreshed by the movement of this energy. Continue this until the limits if the luminous egg that is your energy field has been completely energized, and keep this rainbow fountain flowing as long as you need to by maintaining the focus of your attention on the energy movement. This exercise leaves one feeling whole, centered and energized. There is no need to shut down the circulating energies around and through you. When you are finished, take a deep breath and open your eyes, feeling cleansed and energy-filled. Energy in motion tends to stay in motion, so the benefits of this exercise continue long after you have finished it.