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Individual Treatments Offered
Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Counseling.

Greetings, Thank you for visiting the Circle of Life site and your interest in shamanic healing. Sorry for any inconvenience, but Spirit has guided me to enter into a brief sabbatical.

I recommend Durrette Lauckern in Pinckney, MI 734-834-6814, email catdurrette@gmail.com , or Laura Goldsmith in Jackson, MI 517-570-4693, email laurabruceg@comcast.net . Both are wonderful people with powerful healing gifts from Spirit. Bright blessings, Colleen


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Energy Movement, Shamanic Healing and Counseling for Awareness, Health, Wellness, Personal Growth, Wisdom and Enlightenment

Energy movement and shamanic healing are time-tested effective methods that facilitate healing by raising the vibrations and flow of energy in the mind, emotions, body, energy field and soul. These modalities are powerful in and of themselves and can also be used to augment counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment, and mind/body therapies and may provide the missing link to your healing and personal growth.

From a shamanic perspective all illnesses, whether mental, emotional or physical, are spiritual imbalances that can be corrected with spiritual intervention. Individual shamanic healing centers on restoring spiritual wholeness, energy and power to clients, and establishing harmony and balance in the client’s world. A shaman accomplishes this by entering into the journey with their, and the client’s, Helping Spirits, diagnosing the nature of the imbalance, and performing the specified shamanic techniques. Energy obtained by the shaman on behalf of the client is blown into the client’s energy field and the journey and healing treatments are thoroughly described.

Healing takes place on an energetic and spiritual level that affects the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical bodies of the client. Most people find the session to be peaceful and relaxing, yet uplifting and energizing at the same time. Shamanic healing can be performed both in person and at a distance.

In person session: We set an appointment to meet, and begin the session with discussion about the things that you are experiencing and why you are interested in receiving this treatment. While I journey, your intention will be to receive the healing, relax, and allow the Spirits and energies to move through you, returning you to balance and wholeness. All details of the experience and the journey are discussed when the journey is complete. 

Distance session: We set a time when we can both be energetically connected. This means that when I am journeying you are resting, perhaps meditating, not "doing" anything - just availing yourself to the healing, clearing, power-filling energies being moved and retrieved on your behalf. We talk via email or phone just before the journey (at the time we set) about the things that you are experiencing and why you are interested in receiving this treatment. Once we are finished talking we enter into the journey. This needs to be a very quiet time for you. No emailing, texting, phone calls, talking with others, etc. Quiet time. The journey is about 40-45 minutes long. Once the journey is completed I will phone or email you (your preference) to share all of the details of the journey, both your experience and mine.

'Enlightenment is simply realizing our true essence here and now, nothing supernatural.'