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Power Up CD Image
  1. Shielding
  2. Energy Cleansing
  3. Rainbow Waterfall
  4. Chakra Opening
  5. Rainbow Fountain
  6. Grounded Tree
  7. Inversion Awareness

Energy Cleansing CD

Energy Cleansing, Power-filling, Shielding & Cord Cutting

Imagine your body, energy field and soul being cleansed by a warm gentle waterfall of energy, your pure soul energy illuminated and power-filled, your energy boundaries fortified and then wrapped in a swirling energy rainbow cocoon surrounded by the power of the four elements. In this space of pure light and power you can easily free yourself from any attachments or dysfunctional relationships that may be draining your energy & compromising your vitality with cord-cutting. Feel the energy, feel the power, feel the PEACE 47.34 minutes

Guided Journeying CD

Guided Journeying

Imagine a wave of warming, soothing, relaxation washing up over your body, and washing back down again, easing away all stress, tension & pain. Comfortably relaxed, you are guided through a beautiful wildflower meadow into 2 different journeys. The first, down into your Sacred Healing Medicine Place where you will receive healing energy, the second, up through the clouds to an opulent castle with exquisite gardens where you will meet Power Animals and Helping Spirits. Feel the energy, feel the power, feel the peace 21:42 mins. & 12:27 mins.