Colleen's Philosophy

When I first began counseling in 1981, it seemed most rewarding to be in the profession of helping people cope. As I grew professionally, personally and spiritually I began to realize coping was a mere fraction of the process. Deep Healing is the whole. My professional, personal, and spiritual training has shifted in focus with the knowing that we all have the ability to heal ourselves from within. Some may need to learn how, some may need guidance and motivation, or some may need to clear old pattens and beliefs that impede healing. Whatever the path, perfect health is our natural state.


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Colleen's healing sessions, books and workshops teach how to:

  1. Manifest health, vitality & well-being
  2. Self-Heal from chronic illness
  3. Heal mind, emotions, body and soul
  4. Increase vital life force energy
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Relax
  7. Clear energy blockages
  8. Seal energy leakages
  9. Fortify energy boundaries
  10. Connect with Helping Spirits
  11. Connect with divine energy and guidance
  12. Re-connect mind, emotions, body, energy field and soul

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