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Boost your business by training your employee’s mental toughness

Every business – big or small is striving towards success. An essential part of starting and developing a successful business is keeping the employees motivated, focused and tenacious.

Lackluster and easily distracted employees are not going to help you achieve your business goals.

Rather, leaders and company owners should find a way to pick and care for tenacious employees who have the determination, perseverance, and grit necessary to cope with any kind of work situation – good or bad. (more…)

Resources, Slow living, Well-being

Working on your mental preparation before a game or race

Part of being successful in any sport is not only your level of training, physical fitness and abilities, but also having a proper mindset. Being mentally prepared for a race or a game is part of the strategy for success for any type of sport.

Sometimes this can make a whole difference for the results of a game or race when all other physical and skill factors are evened out. Those who manage to make the most of the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the cheering crowd are more likely to perform better and end up winning. (more…)